Yoga – The Natural Cure

People suffering with arthritis know the feeling of living in pain. In most cases, they turn to pills as a form of relief instead of a mild type of exercise. Today, people can turn to something more natural, such as yoga, as a means of relief from arthritis pain. Most people suffering with arthritis find […]

Work From Home: Is It For Me?

Because of several domestic issues, I requested for a temporary work from home arrangement. School started this Monday, and my son is going to a new, bigger school. His class will take 2 hours, and since his new school is far from our home, his nanny has to stay at the school until he finishes […]

Hot and Cool Loombands

Fishtails, hexafish and flexafish. These are some of your choices in buying (or making) loombands. It seems loombands are the hot new fashion thing this summer. I was intrigued by these cool and colorful bands, I wanted to make them at first but decided to buy from somebody first and see if I can make […]

no Update, Late Post

Oh no! I forgot (or more like I am lazy) to update my blogs again. My last update was April, don’t ask about update of my other blog! I think I need a senior care software that will send notification to me in case I forgot to write in a week. Been busy juggling several activities in […]

Filling in Dietary Delinquencies with Children’s Vitamins and Supplements

Many parents today keep busy schedules. They work long hours at the office and then must face making dinner for their families at night. Because many people lack the energy and inclination to cook healthy suppers for their kids after a long day at work, they may instead choose to order in pizza or go […]

Babypalooza Bazaar on March 29!

The 5th Babypalooza Bazaar will be on March 29, 2014 at the Walter Hogan Conference Center inside the Ateneo de Manila campus in Quezon City. The shopping venue is air-conditioned and within a few steps of clean rest rooms. The Babypalooza Bazaar is fast becoming the go-to event for AFFORDABLE baby and maternity needs. It […]

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