Minerals in Our Body

What is calcium? It is a major mineral in our bodies. Calcium is required to keep bones strong and to keep bone density at correct levels. Our bones undergo a continuous state of resorption where new deposits of calcium enter the bone. The rate is at its highest during the child and adolescent years and […]

Unique Interior Designs for Your Office

Creating an Ideal Space for Your Work: Decorating an office can be a challenging task to accomplish. Your main goal is to decorate the office with essential supplies so that you can get your work done. However, you also want to add some comfort and style to your office. By doing this, you will be […]

Decor and the best lighting tips for the home

Changing the lighting around your home is an effective way to transform the space and alter the atmosphere with little work and investment. Adding light to a room can give the space a larger, more energizing feel, while dimming light can add to a warm and cozy environment that might be more desirable in the […]

Yoga – The Natural Cure

People suffering with arthritis know the feeling of living in pain. In most cases, they turn to pills as a form of relief instead of a mild type of exercise. Today, people can turn to something more natural, such as yoga, as a means of relief from arthritis pain. Most people suffering with arthritis find […]

Work From Home: Is It For Me?

Because of several domestic issues, I requested for a temporary work from home arrangement. School started this Monday, and my son is going to a new, bigger school. His class will take 2 hours, and since his new school is far from our home, his nanny has to stay at the school until he finishes […]

Hot and Cool Loombands

Fishtails, hexafish and flexafish. These are some of your choices in buying (or making) loombands. It seems loombands are the hot new fashion thing this summer. I was intrigued by these cool and colorful bands, I wanted to make them at first but decided to buy from somebody first and see if I can make […]

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