Domestic {cherry} 40 for 40 Giveaway

Two days ago I paid a whooping P20,000+ to my credit card. No matter how many times I check it, it is real. One third of that amount goes to my son’s needs, some items I bought for the new apartment I’m renting, and a huge portion goes to makeup that I bought from a direct selling company. Fortunate me, I’m able to sell the makeup to friends and relatives giving me extra cash to spend!

I wanted to buy a new bag since last year I didn’t bought any. But then again, I might be one of the lucky winners of 40 for 40 Giveaway hosted by Domestic {cherry}.

To celebrate her 40th birthday, she’s giving more than US$500 worth of prizes to 5 lucky winners! Yes, 5 lucky winners – you could be one of it! Head over to Domestic {cherry} to win one of these fabulous prizes;

1. One winner of US$40 Paypal (open worldwide)

2. One winner of Rollei Compactline 110 Digital Camera (open to anyone with Philippines address)

3. One winner of B. Makowsky satchel (open to anyone with Philippines address)

4. One winner of H&M accessories (open to anyone with Philippines address)

5. One winner of various cosmetics from Sasa (open to anyone with Philippines address)

Good luck ladies!


6 Responses to “Domestic {cherry} 40 for 40 Giveaway”

    Spanish Pinay Says:

    This is a great giveaway! :)

    Spanish Pinay


    Thess Reply:

    Sis, join kn din!


    wendy Says:

    i’d love to join. i hope i win. i’m heading over there now:-)


    Thess Reply:

    Goodluck sis!


    Mich of Mich Eats and Shops Says:

    I’ll check it out! hahaha oh my let’s not talk about credit cards! mine is in horrible state :D


    Thess Reply:

    Habol pa sis, up to 18Mar pa contest ni Domestic Cherry



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