My Blog is Up and Down

What most bloggers fear is not seeing their blog online. In the past days, I had difficulty accessing this blog. I don’t know why – I tried to refresh my browser, used a different browser, change my anti virus but my blog is still down. I contacted my blog hosting provider and she said the […]

Music Therapy for the Stressed Mind

Overwhelming emotions. That’s what I feel as I’m writing this post. I need a breather. My sister told me to listen to classical music to ease my mind and calm my emotions. Surprising, Beethoven does a soothing effect on me. Arriving from the hospital, I sat down and listen to Beethoven collection (its suppose to […]

Bad Hospital Service

I’m feeling disappointed. So disappointed!!! My son was hospitalized for 2 days in Gapan, Nueva Ecija. Since I work in Subic, my Philhealth papers of course has to be couriered from Subic to the hospital in Gapan. This morning, our pediatrician declared my son’s condition to be okay and there is no need for him to stay […]

Study and Working Room at Home

Since we are in the process of acquiring our new house, I thinking of redesigning the layout and make small rooms for different purpose. Which reminds me to make a small room for my son. What do I have in mind? Since he loves to draw, a small study cum play room for him. Then […]

In the Mood to Decorate

Yes, I’m finally in the right mood to decorate. Why, because we are finally buying our first house. Its a small corner house and lot that is 30 minutes away from our office. Quite far, less than 100sqm, but will finally be ours. I started thinking of how the interior decorations will be. I wanted […]

Home Decorations

Honestly, I’m not good at fashion. My wardrobe is compose of jeans and plain colored shirts and polo. The same goes for my home decorating skills. Since we are seriously considering buying our own house, I’m browsing the net for various home decors and space saving tips just like the photos of  jessica kagan cushman at […]

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