Birthday Gifts for Toddlers

Any gift ideas for toddlers? My son’s birthday is about to come. He showed interest in playing and listening to music. We have an awesome yamaha ypc 62 piccolo at home and you’ll see my son standing next to it, tipping the keys. For a boy as young as 3, the interest he showed in music is […]

A Special Day is Coming and I Need Cash

Yup, a very special day indeed. My son’s birthday is a mere dozen days from now. Still busy with office work and travel, I don’t know if I can pull a good birthday party for him. Since we are saving money for a house, the celebration will be at home with our friends and families. […]

First time in Turkey

Pretty excited to travel to Turkey. Yep, yep, myself is going to Turkey, and not just anywhere is Turkey, but I’m going to Antalya – exciting place bustling with people ready to take a dip at the warm water of the Mediterranean sea. I’m not traveling for leisure but for a business trip. How I […]

Thanks GPP for My New Casio Watch

It feels great to be appreciated. Especially if the appreciation comes in a form of a gift, hehehe! Since I’m one of the oldest employees in the company, our management gave us a simple token of appreciation. A brand new Casio Ladies Watch. I know it doesn’t cost much. But to be given a gift […]

Musician in the Family?!?

I think my son will be the first musician in the family. He set his eyes on a piece of guitar and wanted to learn how to play it. Is 3 years old too young to learn music? I think not. I used to think that music is hereditary. If that is true, then I […]

Woes of a Traveling Mother

Traveling is fun and exciting. But for mothers like me, it could be exhausting and worrisome. Been on 5 different provinces in Region VI in the last two weeks. When I came home my son was so happy to see me. He asked me if we can go to Jollibee and play. I feel so […]

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