First time in Turkey

Pretty excited to travel to Turkey. Yep, yep, myself is going to Turkey, and not just anywhere is Turkey, but I’m going to Antalya – exciting place bustling with people ready to take a dip at the warm water of the Mediterranean sea. I’m not traveling for leisure but for a business trip. How I […]

Thanks GPP for My New Casio Watch

It feels great to be appreciated. Especially if the appreciation comes in a form of a gift, hehehe! Since I’m one of the oldest employees in the company, our management gave us a simple token of appreciation. A brand new Casio Ladies Watch. I know it doesn’t cost much. But to be given a gift […]

Musician in the Family?!?

I think my son will be the first musician in the family. He set his eyes on a piece of guitar and wanted to learn how to play it. Is 3 years old too young to learn music? I think not. I used to think that music is hereditary. If that is true, then I […]

Woes of a Traveling Mother

Traveling is fun and exciting. But for mothers like me, it could be exhausting and worrisome. Been on 5 different provinces in Region VI in the last two weeks. When I came home my son was so happy to see me. He asked me if we can go to Jollibee and play. I feel so […]

Copy the Files, Regularly!

My blog was down for a few days and I was worried that it was hacked. Now that its back, I remembered what my blogger friend told – back up your files regularly. I just finished backing up my files through an offsite data storage system that will my secure files and  provides me easy access when I […]

My Blog is Up and Down

What most bloggers fear is not seeing their blog online. In the past days, I had difficulty accessing this blog. I don’t know why – I tried to refresh my browser, used a different browser, change my anti virus but my blog is still down. I contacted my blog hosting provider and she said the […]

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