My Additional Beauty Regimen

When you are getting older you need to take care of your self more. That’s why I added a new beauty regimen. I noticed my face is loosing its glow and softness. I’ve been doing a lot of outdoor work and I can feel my skin is suffering! So I added Pond’s Cold Cream to […]

Milk Fatigue???

When is the right time to stop children from drinking milk? I say, NEVER! But my son had a mind of his own and decided to stop drinking milk. He’s been refusing to drink milk for days now. I tried different infant and toddler’s formula milk but no luck so far. What my son likes […]

Nanay Blogs First Blogversary Giveaway!

Three days from now, this blog is official 1 year old. So, the best way to thank my readers for making Nanay Blogs such a success is to give them a month long giveaway. Instead of having a month long giveaway and 1 winner, I decided to have a weekly giveaway and 1 winner each week. […]

Smoking around kids should stop

If you’re a mom, you’ll want to do all you can to ensure that they stay healthy. This means giving them the right foods, protecting them from suffering illness or injury and, to act as a positive role model, staying away from things like cigarettes. However, I have been smoking for a while, and have […]

Video Making is Not Easy

I wanted to blog about my new and additional face night cream but I couldn’t get over my video making experience. This is the first time I spear headed making an instruction video in our office. I, to say it lightly, sort of mess it up. Some of my mistakes – We did the photo […]

Thankful for the Long Weekend

Having more sisters than brothers have its advantages too. We are a brood of six – 5 gorgeous girls and a boy. One would think we grew up ‘kikay‘ and surrounded by pink. That is a far cry from reality -  we learned doing makeup when we past our twenties and up to now we don’t know […]

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