Home Decorations

Honestly, I’m not good at fashion. My wardrobe is compose of jeans and plain colored shirts and polo. The same goes for my home decorating skills. Since we are seriously considering buying our own house, I’m browsing the net for various home decors and space saving tips just like the photos of  jessica kagan cushman at www.thegardengates.com. […]

Relaxing Weekend After a Stressful Week

Last weekend was a bliss relief for me. Had the opportunity to do activities that me and my son enjoyed. Went out for some errands and dine out. The difference of last week’s activities from any other week so far? No office errands, emails, and phone calls. We all have important tasks to finish but it is […]

My Son’s Drawings

I started last week to teach my son how to draw simple geometry like circles and straight lines. To encourage him to draw, we used crayons and colored pens so he’ll enjoy the colorful artwork afterwards. He managed to draw circles and square quite well. But the most interesting work is his drawing of a […]

My Additional Beauty Regimen

When you are getting older you need to take care of your self more. That’s why I added a new beauty regimen. I noticed my face is loosing its glow and softness. I’ve been doing a lot of outdoor work and I can feel my skin is suffering! So I added Pond’s Cold Cream to […]

Milk Fatigue???

When is the right time to stop children from drinking milk? I say, NEVER! But my son had a mind of his own and decided to stop drinking milk. He’s been refusing to drink milk for days now. I tried different infant and toddler’s formula milk but no luck so far. What my son likes […]

Nanay Blogs First Blogversary Giveaway!

Three days from now, this blog is official 1 year old. So, the best way to thank my readers for making Nanay Blogs such a success is to give them a month long giveaway. Instead of having a month long giveaway and 1 winner, I decided to have a weekly giveaway and 1 winner each week. […]

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