Milk Fatigue???

When is the right time to stop children from drinking milk? I say, NEVER! But my son had a mind of his own and decided to stop drinking milk. He’s been refusing to drink milk for days now. I tried different infant and toddler’s formula milk but no luck so far. What my son likes […]

Nanay Blogs First Blogversary Giveaway!

Three days from now, this blog is official 1 year old. So, the best way to thank my readers for making Nanay Blogs such a success is to give them a month long giveaway. Instead of having a month long giveaway and 1 winner, I decided to have a weekly giveaway and 1 winner each week. […]

Smoking around kids should stop

If you’re a mom, you’ll want to do all you can to ensure that they stay healthy. This means giving them the right foods, protecting them from suffering illness or injury and, to act as a positive role model, staying away from things like cigarettes. However, I have been smoking for a while, and have […]

Video Making is Not Easy

I wanted to blog about my new and additional face night cream but I couldn’t get over my video making experience. This is the first time I spear headed making an instruction video in our office. I, to say it lightly, sort of mess it up. Some of my mistakes – We did the photo […]

Thankful for the Long Weekend

Having more sisters than brothers have its advantages too. We are a brood of six – 5 gorgeous girls and a boy. One would think we grew up ‘kikay‘ and surrounded by pink. That is a far cry from reality -  we learned doing makeup when we past our twenties and up to now we don’t know […]

Securing the Future with Insurance

All of us dream of a good future – our own house and lot, car, money in the bank, and good health. With the kind of living we are doing now, it is important to secure all assets, even ourselves, from any eventualities. This is where insurance comes in. I don’t have to detail the […]

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