The land of Gold… and Cocoa!

My visit to Ghana is relatively short and full of business meetings. I didn’t have the time to go around the capital and see famous places. What I saw are just places where we held the meeting and meals. Not much pictures for my readers but I have a little trivial about this small country in the West of Africa.

Everything here is expensive. The currency, which is Ghana Cedi, is as strong as US dollars. I exchanged a few dollars and the forex is 1.74 cedi for $1, a sign that this country has a good economy. You might wonder how a small country like Ghana manages to have such strong currency. They export a lot of gold and cocoa beans. The best cocoa beans can be found in Ghana and always command a higher price than any other cocoa bean exporting countries. My colleagues gave me a box of locally made chocolate that they say is as equally good as international chocolate brand. No doubt about that! So the next time you eat yummy chocolate, think of Ghana!



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