Trying to discipline a 2 year old boy

I’m a working weekend mother, which literally translate to ‘I get to see my son on Saturdays and Sundays only’. Given that I only have 2 out of 7 days for my son, I not an active participant when it comes to disciplining an active two years old. My grandmother is in the hospital for a surgery as of last Sunday and my mother is with her. Staying home, I now see what my mother repeatedly told me.

My son is hyperactive, I think all two years old are. He loves throwing things – balls, pillows, clothes from the cabinet and toys especially when his angry or irritated. I have to teach him not to throw things around, including chairs, because he might hurt himself. Just this morning, he knowingly poured drinking water on the floor and that leads me to spanked his hands for the misdeed. If there is something that I cannot tolerate, that’s wasting food and potable water. I’m working for a company that helps save food losses and I practice what I preach. I let him cry to his heart’s content. Afterwards, he came to me and said ‘Nanay, Nanay, hug’. I am soooo guilty with what happened but I have to do it for his own good. How can one so small makes you guilty and angry at yourself at the same time.

My son having tantrums

Every time he’ll do something ‘extraordinary’, I talk to him first. Contrary to what others believe, toddlers do understand what we are saying. Explaining and demonstrating the do’s and don’ts will help children understand what we want to say. The activity will also stimulate his brain, I repeat my words thrice and ask him to repeat after me so he’ll fully understand and remember what I’m trying to say. Somehow, this creates a loving bond between us.

I only resort to spanking when he repeat the deed after I talk to him. The joys and pains of motherhood!


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    Ness Says:

    I don’t have a child yet. But what you posted here is really good. I’ve got a lot of mommy friends and surely they have been doing this too. :-) thanks for sharing this.


    Mai_Budget.Biyahera Says:

    Your post makes a lot of sense.. I actually remember being a 7-year old, who was spanked for the first time by my father. He used the belt.. and felt so guilty after what happened. Although he did not give me the ‘apology’ talk, it was forever instilled in me to be more cautious of what I do. But still never compromising the fun in my childhood. =)


    Mitchteryosa Says:

    It’s better to teach them now than it’s too late! I have two girls but I can totally relate and share sentiments with you.


    marri Says:

    every child has own bad moods and as a parent and as a mother for that matter… we have own kind of disciplining as well. we know what they want and what they don’t so, we have all the time to properly guide them 101%


    Pinay Mama Says:

    2 years old narin yung son ko. He is veeeery naughty! There are times na gusto ko na sumuko kasi nangungulit sya ng sobra pag busy ako. Waaa! pero syempre love na love parin natin ang mga kids kahit gaano kakulit :)


    chrisair Says:

    great share sis, it so hard to discipline young where they don’t actually understand it


    jayryan09 Says:

    Magandang idea narin 2 pra sa mga mama…


    Matsumoto Says:

    Disciplining a child is a bible’s advice, though it talks of a rod too it is not a literal rod but symbolically-discipline itself, we would lose our composed selves at times…but you’re right when you talk to him…iwas palo na lang ehehe kasi nakakaiyak din satin. When I make palo yung bunso ko sa pwet sabi nya sakin “mama, wag mo ko paluin, ayaw ko.” naiyak ako kahit na makulit, ayw nya talaga…”


    rachelle Says:

    i had my hardest time in disciplining my son when my hubby left for germany. i didn’t know what happened that time, all i remembered is that i had to hurt him because he was starting to become violent. we didn’t know what else to do because he doesn’t listen to us anymore. it really pains us, mom, to hurt our kids but you’re right, we must talk to them afterwards and explain why we had to do that.


    Spanish Pinay Says:

    Disciplining a toddler can really be a challenge. I’ve had a number of times that I was at my wits end and was very ready to hit my toddler on one of her “unreasonable” meltdowns but everytime it happens, I’d have to stop myself with all the might I have. I keep on telling myself that while I do want the best for her, I don’t want to do something that comes from my worst. Whenever she misbehaves, I know I get angry and if I give in to the urge of hitting her at that very moment, then the hitting would just come from the anger and worst of me and not the loving and nurturing mom that I should be. It is definitely hard and out of controlling myself to hit, I’d resolve to yelling which is not good either :(

    You’ve said it best: the joys and pains of motherhood!

    Spanish Pinay


    wendy Says:

    this one’s really hard… whenever i get angry with my sons, i would end up feeling so guilty after…



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